Union Congregational Church of Ward

Peace to all who enter

Friends of the Ward Church Days

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone there. There will be barbeque pork sandwiches, green chili, vegetarian red chili, beer, soda, a silent auction, lots of art work, local arts and crafts, a historical exhibit, Living Pictures, and music by Gipsy Moon, Blue Mountain Jam, the Wardettes, Bear, Blair, and others.

In order to maintain the historic Modoc Street Church, we have to raise about $3000 each year. This is totally for building maintenance, repairs, capital improvements, and operating expenses like propane, electricity, porta-potty pumping (poopy alliteration), piano tuning and the like. We operate as a community center – various religious and spiritual groups practice here, but this money is specifically for the building.

If you can’t make it but would like to contribute, you can use the paypal donation button on the side – even without a paypal account you can donate with a credit card.

Thanks for your support.

By the way, this year’s poster and last year’s poster will be on sale, a good way to get a print of Ruth Wilson’s painting of Ward (2012) or Carol Jenkins’ painting of the church (2011).